Why the Nigerian 419 strategy is still making $13 Billion last year ?

The Nigerian 419 strategy is to have a misspelled email fro m the son of some deceased Prince who needs all your bank info in order to release $20 million that he will eagerly split with you.

Then he steals all of your money.


Why is the email misspelled? After decades of Nigerians sending the exact same email, why is it always mis-spelled?

And, by the way, the official language of Nigeria is English.

There’s a simple reason. Anybody in the top 90% of rational people know that a misspelled email coming from a Nigerian prince is a scam.

The Nigerians don’t want to deal with those 90%. Even if you sent a perfectly spelled letter with a much more realistic story, those 90% will figure it out.

Then the scammer will have wasted his time. He doesn’t want to waste time.

He needs to find the 10% that will respond to him really quickly. (Btw, I’m assuming “he” but can also be a “she”). And the 10% that will work.

Does it work? Of course it does. 419-ers made $13 billion last year. And every year.

This is what lousy scammers companies with stupid irrelevant  and hilarious products and services are doing.

The 10% that are left have managed to jump over to keep liking them.

Which is the goal from the beginning.

Most people do the right thing and ignore the Nigerian 419 scam.

The best strategy, which nobody will take (including me), is to just ignore them.

But we won’t. We irrationally need a Nigerian 419 stories. Because evolution tells us we need people & stories to gossip about.


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